1. General information

These contractual terms shall be used as a basis for all the contracts concluded with “Lovelyevents”. The contracting parties of “Lovelyevents” are the bride and groom. Any amendments or modifications to these contractual terms shall only be valid if “Lovelyevents” has expressly acknowledged them in writing. The Clients confirm that they are aware of and accept the contents of these terms.

2. Contract formation

The offer of “Lovelyevents” shall be deemed binding and shall be valid for four weeks starting from the date of the offer. The formation of the Contract shall be effected in writing.

3. Prices

All “Lovelyevents” prices are in CHF and are exclusive of value added tax.
Out-of-pocket expenses in the form of cash expenditure, such as disbursable travel expenses, are not included in the agreed price and will be billed and documented separately as additional costs.

Travel expenses:
• 0.80 per Km
• 2nd class train ticket

4. Payment

“Lovelyevents” invoices will be split into two parts. The first half of the invoice will be charged after signature of the Contract and the second part of the invoice 10 days before the event. The invoice should be paid within ten days. We are entitled to charge reminder fees of CHF 15.00 for each reminder. Costs for external services by third parties, such as printing costs, shall be paid immediately.

5. Execution of “Lovelyevents” services

The services rendered by “Lovelyevents” shall remain the property of ” Lovelyevents ” until the total amount has been paid in full. This especially applies to intellectual property. In particular, the Clients are not entitled to implement plans drawn up by “Lovelyevents” unless all the outstanding invoices of “Lovelyevents” have been paid. The Clients take note that solely consulting, organizational and supporting services will be rendered within the consulting contract. We cannot promise a specific degree of success. We shall not conclude any contracts with individual suppliers such as restaurant operators, music groups or specialist flower shops ourselves, but rather the individual contracts shall come about solely between the suppliers and the Clients or third parties. However, a power of attorney may be issued by the bride and groom so that the conclusion of contracts can be carried out by “Lovelyevents” after detailed consultation. However, “Lovelyevents” shall not accept any liability for unsatisfactory service by third parties.

6. Terms of cancellation

The Clients shall be entitled to withdraw from the concluded consulting contract at any time on the terms of cancellation specified below:
up to 6 weeks prior to the specified wedding day the cancellation fee shall amount to 50 %
up to 4 weeks prior to the wedding day 75 %
up to 1 week prior to the wedding day 90 %
and if cancellation is effected less than one week prior to the wedding day 100 % of the agreed price.

7. Warranty and compensation

We shall give a warranty for the services of “Lovelyevents” within the bounds of the statutory provisions. However, warranty claims are excluded if “Lovelyevents” plans and organization or explicit instructions have been infringed or if orders are executed deficiently by third parties. The same applies to errors which are attributable to information, recommendations and instructions of the Clients. We shall only be liable for damages if “Lovelyevents” can be proven to be guilty of intent or gross negligence within the bounds of the statutory provisions. The liability for slight negligence, lost interest or damages from claims of third parties is excluded.

8. Data protection

The preservation of your private sphere is a top priority. We constantly endeavor to guarantee you the highest possible degree of confidentiality and security. We would expressly like to point out at this juncture that we utilize customer data solely for internal, customer-related purposes or purposes connected with the business relationship. The data is handled in strict confidence according to the new data-protection law GDPR (DSGVO).

9. Place of jurisdiction

The competent court in Zurich shall be deemed agreed as the sole place of jurisdiction insofar as this contract is admissible. The Swiss Law of Obligations (OR) shall apply to this contract.

Zurich, October 2020