Alexandra & Christian;
Vienna, Austria

Dear Kerstin & Tobias
Many thanks for your the great support in organising our wedding. We had wonderful days in Zürich – everything was perfectly organised… …thanks a lot and all the best for your future!

Franziska & Oliver;
Zurich, Switzerland

Dear Kerstin, we thank you whole-heartedly for your work which was perfect in every respect. You gave us, as promised, a dream wedding.

Dawn & Josha;
Zurich, Switzerland

Dear lovelyevents team, we will always remember our unique and unforgettable wedding in Mallorca fondly and not least thanks to all of you and your untiring efforts. We would like to say “Thank you” from the bottom of our hearts once again for the complex organising and for the perfect way everything turned out at the wedding itself.

Cem & Lori;
Aargau, Switzerland

Dear Kerstin, you made the impossible possible and never lost your head even in hectic moments. We are happy and grateful that you organised our wedding… because without you, we would have never come up with all these creative ideas and we would likely still be looking for a suitable location.  Thanks a million!

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