In a first personal conversation for free, you tell us your visions of your wedding, outline your needs for us, and give us the approximate parameters for your wedding. In this conversation, we put value on “the common language” and on getting to know each other personally.

From the results of the first conversation, you decide whether you just want to take advantage of our individual services or whether you want to leave the entire organization to us and allow us to organize the entire perfect dream wedding for you. On this basis, we will prepare an offer for you that is completely tailored to your needs.

In the second conversation, you give us your detailed wishes, ideas, and scope of the planned budget. We will create our mutual schedule and a budget plan. After extensive research, we will present you with an initial basic concept of your dream wedding that has a selection of locations, churches, hotels, etc.

After determining the location, church, hotel, etc. the planning will be translated into concrete terms: tour of the location, catering, decoration, cake, photographer, etc.

The invitation process with a definition of the invitation design, sending of the invitations, receipt of the acceptances and cancellations, hotel bookings, maps with directions, gift lists, etc. takes its course.

In addition to the coordination of all parties participating in the wedding, we create a direction plan for all participants (guests, hotels, catering, transfers, church, etc.) and obviously for you, the bridal couple.

We coordinate the entire course of events at the location on the wedding day and present you with many unforgettable moments as a result.

After the wedding, we make sure that the thank-you letters are sent on time, including the mailing of photos or setting up the online gallery. Together with you, we monitor the individual invoices and share the memories of your wonderful wedding.